Lochlan small building designs is a company which handles all designs and finishes from out buildings, granny flats, offices to open steel & timber structures.

Once our clients have finalized the design and finishes Osta group building & contracting established in 1989 is engaged to commence final designs with architect and engineers with all insurances and safe work method practices in place to give our clients peace of mind ensuring a high quality of finishes is carried out and delivered in a timely manner.

What We do

  • Modular transportable buildings & conventional on-site construction
  • Built to clients detail and specification
  • Fast build time
  • Contemporary
  • Exposed timber post & roof beam construction
  • Licenced builders


Osta Building & Contracting Lic: 75765C

Phone: 9802 2204

Call Michael - 0418 296174

Email: info@lochlan.com.au

Website: www.lochlan.com.au

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