Q: Initial Consideration

  • Types of design
  • Size of small home, granny flat, aged care accommodation
  • Slab on ground or metal/timber raised floor system
  • External materials
  • Entrance, privacy
  • Roof type
  • Constructed on site or modular modular building

Q: What Types Of Buildings Do You Construct?

A: We construct following types of buildings:

  • Small Homes
  • Granny Flats
  • Cabins
  • Office & Home Office
  • Commercial

Q: What Is the Minimum Size Block?

A: The minimum size block is 450 m2 and 12 meters wide minimum width..

Q: Where Do I Find Out Information on Building a Granny Flat on My Block?

An: You can find out information on building a granny flat on your block at State Government Planning Policy and click on Affordable Housing  THE SEPP 2009.

Q: What Is the Maximum Building Size?

A: The maximum building size of Residential granny flat is 60 m2 excluding deck area.

Q: What Types of Buildings Do You Offer?

A: We offer:

  • Small Home, Granny Flat, Office Designs Constructed on Site
  • Modular Transportable Homes and Buildings constructed in our factory, delivered and installed on site

Q: What Types of Design Do You Offer?

A: We have our designs which we can alter or custom designs to suit individual needs.

Q: We Know About On Site Building But What Advantages Are There for Transportable Modular Buildings?

A : The advantages of Transportable Modular Buildings are:

  • Design can allow to connect additional buildings
  • Commence building off site with little site impact until installation which takes approximately 5 days to install
  • Not subject to weather conditions

Q: Do Building Designs Vary from Constructed On Site to Modular / Transportable?

A: They do depending on the type of building.

Q: Can You Install On Site And Finish Other Works Such As Decking, Pergolas And Landscaping?

A: Yes.

Q: Can You Just Build to Lockup Only?

A: We can build to lockup on site or to a stage of completion where the client can complete remaining works. This also applies with modular transportable homes and buildings.

Q: Can You Transport Buildings Out of Sydney?

A: Yes.

Q: Can We Mix and Match External Finishes?

A: Yes.

Q: Can You Build For Parks, Motels, Hotels and Recreation Sites?

A: Yes. We can build small accommodation cabins and modular buildings and install on site.

Q: Do You Build Transportable For Commercial Use?

A: Yes. We can build for office, sales and café/kiosk.