We have been building for 28 years and now offer our clients 2 options from conventional buildings constructed on your property to modular buildings fully complete and built in our factory at Wetherill Park ready for delivery and installation.

The Choice is yours.
Why Us:

  • Licensed builder and tradesmen
  • Friendly service
  • Help with design and layout
  • Quality – Fast – Efficient
  • Insured

What You Get:

  • Budget to high end finishes
  • Utilize one of our small home or office designs
  • Your Custom design
  • Built to specifications
  • Ability to change from Office to Living
  • On ground or elevated for difficult sites


  • Domestic or commercial
  • For inside and outside use
  • Stand­a­lone fully completed pods


  • Open or enclosed pergolas
  • Timber decks
  • Screens and walkways
  • Carports or garage


  • Possible tax deduction
  • Work from home
  • Privacy
  • No outgoings
  • Quiet and peaceful
  • Possible use as living or spare room
  • Holiday homes – Farms – Vacant land – Relocatable

Prices start from 24,000

Please consider us on your next project.

Contact: Michael - 0418 296174

Custom Designs - ­ Match Existing - ­ Modern ­ - Traditional ­ - Barn Style

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